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NC Arboretum Wedding Photography by Gruen Photo Design

The NC Arboretum in Asheville NC is one of the best all around wedding venues in WNC.  The North Carolina Arboretum is sponsored by the University of North Carolina system and is flawless in its natural beauty, its sculptured and manicured gardens, and its beautiful plant variety and location – a great place for an Asheville Wedding!  I remember when the NC Arboretum announced that they would begin offering wedding services – the entire wedding community in Asheville, especially the wedding photographers were all excited!  already long known as a exceptionally beautiful spot for Asheville bridal photography and Asheville engagement photography, as well as family photography, a wedding at the NC Arboretum is amazing and a superb choice for a wedding venue in Asheville, North Carolina!

Please see some examples of Gruen Photo Design real weddings at the NC Arboretum:

And some links from North Carolina Arboretum about their facilities and weddings:


This venue is quickly becoming an Asheville classic and a very sought after location.  Since they began serving weddings, the demand has grown exponentially and we now see multiple ceremonies per week.  It is only fitting as this is the apex of natural and landscaped beauty in the area.  The facilities are high quality and accomodating for multiple guests and it is all relatively easy to travel to for most people.  No wonder it is on of the top Asheville wedding venues!


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