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The Biltmore Estate – Asheville Wedding Venues

 An institution to Asheville and the region, the Biltmore Estate is the number one tourist attraction in Western North Carolina.  Its operations are figuratively a large as its home.  The company in one of the top employers in Asheville, with reach into hospitality and tourism like no other in the area.  The Biltmore House, the grounds, the hotels, the merchandise, and the winery are the components of a large operations.  The wedding venues are our concentration!  The number of different venues and options have positioned Biltmore as the top wedding venue in the area.  They host more wedding couples than any other location and have the expertise and ability to cater to even the most extravagant wedding ceremonies and receptions.

Biltmore’s planning service offers their wedding couples full access to the groups knowledge and wedding expertise.    They can lead you through and explain all of the options of venue, service level, and more.  Carriage rides, spa service, wine tastings, and even fireworks are some of their most unique options.

Weddings at the House and Gardens are the most popular and sought after.  With full views of the Biltmore House during your wedding ceremony the elegance and majesty is pronounced and distinct.  The front lawn is the centerpiece venue offering large green space and an unobstructed view of the edifice.  Adjacent to the front lawn is Biltmore Gardens with its Italian styling and lush vegetation and aromatic flowers.  Adjacent to the house itself is the famed South Terrace providing ample space and an amazing views of the hills rolling into the Blue Ridge Mountains.  Also nearby is the rustic yet elegant Stable Loft, a beautiful version renovation of the original stables.

The Conservatory offers an intimate and unique venue.  Appointed with lush greenery, unique plants, and a glass roof, it is an elegant and living space for a wedding.

Up the hill from the Biltmore house and with long range views, Diana is a peaceful venue while remaining connected to the actual house.

Lioncrest is a beautifully appointed and multifarious venue.  A large, fully-windowed dining area and other multi-funtion rooms surround a lush and charming courtyard.

For a larger number of guests, the elegant Deerpark offers wonderful options.  The large courtyard, banquet room, and lodge room are perfect options.

For small gatherings, the Champagne Cellar is romantic and charming.  Settled underneath the winery and just off of the tunnel, it is a beautiful and timeless choice.

Gruen Photography recommends the Biltmore Estate for its unparalleled elegance and charm.  Its attention to detail and level of service has made it the top wedding venue in Asheville.  To view real Biltmore Weddings by Gruen Photography, please visit our blog’s Biltmore page or contact us to find out more!