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FAQ's for Asheville Wedding Photographer Kasey Gruen

How can I book my wedding date ?
To book with Gruen Photography, we require a signed contract and a retainer fee of 50 percent.  The retainer fee books and reserves your date with us and we will close off availability and your date will be locked in.  Retainer fees are non-refundable as all bookings revolve around the date – this protects all parties & fully ensures that you won the day! You will feel secure in the fact that you are our contracted priority on your wedding day! Now, feel free to mark “Professional, Marvelous, Detailed, Friendly, Caring, High Quality, Experienced, Artistic Wedding Photographer” off of your list!

What forms of payment do you accept for my wedding photography investment?
We will accept checks as well as credit cards via PayPal.
Any delicious meals from your kitchen or Asheville’s wonderful restaurants such as Curate, Mela, The Noodle House, or 12 Bones will go a long way with us (but won’t really be considered payment)!

How early should I retain my date?
Retaining & booking your wedding date here in Asheville will depend upon several factors. If your wedding will be during the most temperate months, on a holiday weekend, or another special date, it could be necessary to try to retain as many as 6 - 18 months in advance. We will also book as far into the future as needed, but the future year's prices may apply. Dates fill quickly, but it is always worth checking availability with us, even if your wedding date is only a couple of months away – you never know, it may be available!  We react quickly to special needs and have served as wedding photographers with as little as 2-3 weeks advance notice!

Can we upgrade our package after we retain our wedding date?
Sure! If you are unsure of what package best suits your needs, you can book the date with one wedding package and discuss changes to a higher level package with us at a later time. As photographers who offer tons of great package options, we understand that it is most important to retain the date quickly & sometimes you may just not be sure what other services you will need.

What is the Wedding Information Sheet? Can I give you my style ideas, thoughts on poses, or even send images of wedding photography that I like?
YES! This is one of the things that separate us from all of the other Asheville Wedding Photographers! We base our coverage from a fine art & photojournalistic style – one that tells the story of your wedding day, step by step. We concentrate on capturing the entire story and all of the special little moments as individual images of art. Now your customized wedding photography experience begins… The Photo Information Sheet contains a number of important questions, both specific & general. It also has a large section for other ideas – this is where you can convey you special ideas , notes about your personal style, ideas about how your wedding photographs should look, and anything that you want us to know about your photography preferences! We want to know all of your special wedding day ideas – so when the big day comes, we know you & we know what you like so we can tell the story the way you want it told!

How much time should we spend on formal wedding photography shots and fine art shots?
This will be a function of a few things – especially the customized wedding coverage based on your style. You may want to spend more time on special Fine Art Portraits as husband & wife; or maybe photography of the wedding party and you; or maybe family portraits. Some questions to consider:  How many portraits can we craft before the ceremony? Will you see your husband / wife before the ceremony? It all depends on your needs, and we are completely flexible to help schedule the portraits to facilitate the flow of your wedding day. We understand the big picture too!

Will you take table shots of my guests?
Yes. Your guests are part of your Wedding Day Story; they need to be included as well! We make it a point to try to visit each table at least once or twice to capture a few Posed Images as well as a few Candid Images. We also plan to capture images of them conversing, dancing, singing, and any other fun opportunities to show who they are and their relationship with you!  We are the Asheville Photographers that will work best with you and your guests!

Will you allow our friends/family to take pictures at the wedding?
We will ask guests not to take photographs while we are engaged in any Fine Art Portrait, Family Portrait, or other type of Portrait. It is extremely important that you are not distracted by other flashes or lenses. Amateur guest photography is not limited during the wedding or reception. We want them to get great images too!

What is the release of images? Will we get a high resolution DVD of the Wedding Images?
The release of images is a document that we sign to allow full personal (non-commercial) use of your Wedding Photographs. With the release you may print them and share them! And YES, you will receive a DVD / CD of all released and edited images from the wedding! (Our philosophy is a little different than most photographers who make you buy your images - it was your wedding, ya know? We want you to get all of the released images - you should not have to pay again!)

Will you post images online for ordering & viewing?
Yes, we post the Wedding & Ceremony Photographs online. Your guests can view the images and purchase any that they like. This is a free service that is included in your Wedding Package with no requirement to purchase!

Can I post my wedding photographs on my own website, blog or Facebook etc?
YES! As long as the use is personal, you can do whatever you like! We are always extremely excited to see our clients post their Marvelous Wedding Photographs on their Facebook, Google +, Twitter, or website!

How much input will we have in the design of our Wedding Photography Album?
A lot! You will pick the color of the leather album, choose your images, color enhancement shots, black & white shots, sepia tones, choose your colors, choose any lyrics or wording, and choose your style. We fully custom design your Wedding Album in house!  We are the number one Asheville Photographer when it comes to album creation and customization!

Please see our ALBUMS page to view our Stylish “COFFEE TABLE” Wedding Album, our Elegant Storybook Style “LUXURY” Wedding Album, and our other fabulous products like our Gallery Wrapped Canvas Prints, Parent Albums, and the Sleek Magazine Style Album. Choices galore!

What are your favorite wedding venues for photography?

All of them!  I really enjoy wedding photography at the NC Arboretum, Rumbling Bald Resort at Lake Lure, Taylor Ranch, and the Biltmore Estate.  There are so many more wedding venues and I have experience at The Farm, Crest Center and Pavilion, Pretty Place, Waynesville Inn, the list goes on!  So happy to be a wedding photographer in Asheville NC.  If you need any recommendations for wedding venues, please ask me.  Some are great for large weddings and some are perfect for small.  Outdoors or indoors, BBQ or table service, down-home rustic or elegant.  I have done them all!